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Repeat DWI offender claims life of N.C. man

A North Carolina man will face charges of felony death by vehicle, second-degree murder, driving without a license and DWI as the result of a fatal accident that occurred in Union County, according to WCNC-TV.

The drunk driver, who has had six prior DWI convictions over that past 12 years, was fleeing from police when he struck Daniel Herring head on. Herring, who was driving home from a church event at the time of the accident, died on the scene.

Our deepest sympathies and condolences go out to Daniel's family and friends. It is never easy to lose a loved one and we cannot imagine the pain they are going through. It is especially hard knowing that Daniel's death is one that could have been prevented.

In North Carolina, the current laws regarding
drivers under the influence are hardly fitting for the crime. According to WCNC, drunk drivers can only be indicted as felons after they commit their forth DWI. In addition,"DWI is on the list of misdemeanors eligible for reduced prison time."

We believe the laws for DWI drivers, especially repeat offenders, should be much tougher. Waiting until the forth DWI to indict as a felon is waiting too late. Innocent lives are lost daily due to the carelessness of drunk drivers. In this case a man lost his life to a six time DWI offender, who should have been behind bars instead of on the road.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
reports that in 2008 in N.C., 423 people lost their lives in traffic accidents involving alcohol. In 2007, that number was 497. According to these statistics, more than one person dies every day on North Carolina roads due to an alcohol related accident.

Daniel's case highlights serious flaws in our legal system,
but at a price that no one should have to pay.Currently, N.C. State Representative Tim Moore is pushing for stricter laws against DWI offenders. We applaud Mr. Moore for doing so and hope to soon see changes.

If you or a loved one have been affected by the thoughtless actions of a DWI driver, please call our law firm for a consultation, absolutely free of charge.


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