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Safety Alert: Convertible Crib Recall: What makes a Defective Product?

An exciting part of having a new baby is decorating the nursery.  Moms-to-be pour over nursery patterns and colors but the most important part of the new baby’s room is the crib.  That’s why notifying parents of the Franklin & Ben Mason 4-in-1 Convertible Crib recall is so important.  The defective portion of the product can occur when the crib front separates from the side panels and create a hazardous gap that can allow a child to fall out or become entrapped between the front and side panels.

Although this recall was prompted by the manufacturer in 2010 a federal recall of drop side cribs was instituted when a defective crib injured and killed several infants.  The recall included more than 500,000 Generation 2 Worldwide and ChildESIGNS cribs.  The recall occurred five years after the company, that made the potentially harmful and defective products, went out of business.

As Virginia (VA) dangerous product attorneys we are often asked, “What exactly a defective product?”  A defective product is one that causes injury or damage to an individual as a result of a flaw or deficiency in the product such as labeling, construction, or how the product was used. The manufacturer of the product that caused the injury, in addition to the individuals involved in the chain of commerce, are liable for injuries caused by these defective products.

When making a product liability claim, many of our cases deal with injury or damage stemming from defective products that run from the apparent (i.e. a car sold with faulty air bags, a mislabeled product or drug that causes injury) to the innocuous (i.e. side effects from an improperly tested prescription drug).


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