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Tractor-Trailer Hydroplaning Leads to Five-Car Accident on I-85 in North Carolina

What Happened:

News reports indicate several people were injured on I-85 in North Carolina this morning after a five-vehicle accident took place Monday evening.

The massive accident took place on I-85 South in Greensboro, NC. North Carolina Highway Patrol officials say that the wreck started when a truck driver hydroplaned and then drove off the side of the interstate after he tried to overcorrect for the skid. The truck then jackknifed and another semi then ran through the wreckage, spilling its load of building supplies across the busy interstate.

Three other drivers then ran into debris that had been scattered across the interstate. The two truck drivers along with two other drivers were taken to local hospitals for treatment of relatively minor injuries.

The wreck shut down the interstate for nearly eight hours while road crews cleared the affected lanes of I-85 South. So far, police say no charges have been filed but that the driver who caused the initial crash will likely be charged with a lane violation.  

The North Carolina Personal Injury Attorney’s Perspective:

As North Carolina personal injury attorneys, we have represented many innocent victims who have been hit by distracted, drunk, impatient or inattentive tractor-trailer drivers. The victims and their family members in this case should contact an experienced NC attorney for advice on how to best ensure that the truck driver is held responsible for his actions.

Helpful Info:

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Have Questions? 

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