What Happened:

A car was traveling east on West English Road in High Point, North Carolina, when it crossed the center line and smashed into a car going west bound.

The force of the wreck caused the west bound car to flip and it rolled several times. The driver of that car was killed.

The police have not released the name of the deceased, or any information about the condition of the other driver.

North Carolina Personal Injury Lawyer Perspective:

Although the investigation is not complete, there is a strong chance that this tragic wreck involved distracted driving. According to the US government, 3,331 people died because of distracted drivers in 2011. It is vitally important that we do not allow ourselves to become distracted while we are driving. Some of the most common distractions behind the wheel are:

·         Texting

·         Talking on a cell phone

·         Eating or drinking

·         Grooming

·         Talking to passengers

·         Watching videos

·         Using a navigation system

·         Adjusting the radio

Have you or a loved one been injured or killed by a distracted driver? We urge you to carefully choose a skilled and experienced North Carolina personal injury lawyer to represent you in a possible civil lawsuit. Anyone who has been victimized by a distracted driver in a crash deserves to receive just compensation for any injuries.  You should only deal with a personal injury firm with a proven record in securing large financial settlements in car accident cases.

For More Information:

Read about how one of our skilled personal injury lawyers obtained a $21 million structured settlement in a traumatic brain injury case. This case involved a young girl who was sitting in the back of a car and was severely injured when a tractor-trailer rear ended the vehicle.

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