There is a stretch of Interstate 81 in Botetourt County that has seen a high rate of accidents compared to other sections of the road. In particular, is the stretch of road in Arcadia, between mile marker 167 and 168. According to the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT), there have been more than 80 car crashes in that area in just the past two years.

Motorists driving on the road are often caught unaware of the sudden curves in that area and fail to slow down in time, putting themselves, and other drivers, at risk of auto accidents. Law enforcement say other factors that have contributed to past crashes include weather conditions and distracted drivers.

In order to decrease those crash rates, the VDOT has installed flashing arrow signs, also referred to as chevrons, in the area. VDOT officials say that the bright yellow lights of the sign will catch the attention of drivers and warn them they need to adjust their speed as they approach the curve in the road.

Not only will the signs flashing catch a driver’s attention, but they also have built-in radar that will alert the driver of the speed their vehicle is going as they pass the chevron.  The use of chevrons in Wythe County has proven useful in lowering the number of car accidents, so the VDOT are hopeful they will have the same results here.

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