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West Virginia FedEx Driver Arrested for DUI

A FedEx driver in West Virginia who was on duty was arrested last week on DUI charges after a wreck in Milton WV that put another driver in the hospital.

The FedEx driver was charged with DUI with injury, according to court records. The accident occurred in Milton on the 200 block of East Main Street.

The driver was behind the wheel of a white FedEx cargo van and police say he smelled of alcohol. Officers also found a bottle of vodka in the ban.

The driver was asked to take field sobriety tests and he failed two of them. A blood test showed that his blood alcohol level was .164, which is well beyond the legal limit.

The other driver was taken to a nearby hospital with minor injuries.

In our personal injury practice in Virginia, we often represent people who have been seriously injured by drunk drivers, or the families of those who have been killed by drunk drivers. No matter the result of the criminal case against the alleged drunk driver, that legal process will not heal the mental and physical injuries, nor will it bring back a family member who died due to a drunk driver.

In DUI cases, we help the families recover damages from convicted drunk drivers in personal injury lawsuits. In 2010, we represented four people who were rear ended by a drunk driver. Our research found that the drunk driver was extremely intoxicated with a BAC of .21. In Virginia, such a high BAC allows for punitive damages to be awarded, in addition to personal injury damages.

We were able to obtain a $112,000 settlement for our clients.

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