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White Oak, NC Man Killed By Reckless And Drunk Driver From Sampson County, North Carolina

A Sampson County, North Carolina man, age 47, was charged in early July 2011 with drunken driving and reckless driving after his pickup truck hit an oncoming car on NC 242, killing the driver, of Red Road in White Oak, NC, according to

The crash occurred about a mile south of Roseboro, NC.  The man, of McGee Church Road in Clinton, travelled north in a 2004 Chevrolet pickup registered to Premium Standard Farms in Clinton, when he crossed the center line as he exited a curve.  The pickup hit a southbound 1994 Nissan pickup.

The death of the Nissan pickup driver was a reminder not to drink and drive.  North Carolina has laws making it a crime to drive with a blood alcohol concentration at or above 0.08 percent (0.08 g alcohol per 100 ml blood). Drinking alcohol before driving in NC slows reaction time and impairs judgment. 

The family members of the Nissan pickup driver might have to file a wrongful death case with the assistance of North Carolina personal injury lawyers against the responsible parties.  The death of a loved one is a tragic event that may never fully be put in the past. It is scary how quickly our lives can be changed forever or even ended by an auto accident.

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