VA FELA Railroad accident injury attorneysA serious workplace injury occurred recently at the site of a CSX train derailment.  The railroad employee was part of the cleanup crew.  While working on the site, the employee was hit in the head by a crane. The worker was immediately transported by ambulance to a local hospital and is undergoing treatment for what a fire department spokesman said were serious injuries. 

The Virginia FELA Railroad Attorney’s Perspective:

Working on such industrial cleanup sites can be a dangerous job. When heavy equipment and dangerous substances are around, injuries have a tendency to become very serious very fast. Though the accident remains under investigation, it’s critical that employers take this tragic incident as a reminder of how important it is to implement proper safety procedures on your work sites. Multiple parties may have responsibility here: CSX railroad or possibly other contractors at the cleanup.

Employees have a reasonable expectation that the equipment being used around them will be operated in a safe manner. Those injured in industrial accidents, like the one at the CSX cleanup site, should consult with an experienced Virginia injury lawyer who can help them assess their legal options.

Helpful Info: 

The skilled attorneys at my firm have been involved in numerous cases in which we have represented workers or the families of workers who have been seriously injured or killed while on the job. In one case out of Tennessee, we were able to secure an $8.6 million jury verdict for the family of a CSX railroad worker who lost his life due to lung cancer. The worker, much like the ones working at the Gore, WV CSX derailment site, was exposed to hazardous chemical such as diesel fumes which resulted in lasting damage to the man’s health.