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Young Virginia Beach Woman Killed by DUI Driver in Richmond

Whenever a parent has to bury a child, it is a tragic and terrible ordeal. When the untimely death resulted from someone else’s blatant disregard for human life, that’s absolutely inexcusable.

A Virginia Beach woman only 19 years old was killed when a driver later charged with driving under the influence slammed into the car she was in at Second and Canal streets in Richmond,Virginia (VA). The driver and another passenger in the struck car were also injured.

As a Virginia wrongful death attorney, I find that cases involving a child or young person killed by a DUI driver to be one of the most difficult cases to handle.

Although this accident happened right in front of a police officer, the insurance company will most likely try to pay the lowest possible amount to the family of the victim. Knowledge garnered from reading our wrongful death law guide and getting an experienced Virginia trial lawyer on your side is the best way to ensure receiving an appropriate settlement.

My colleagues and I never represent drunk drivers; we only sue them on behalf of those they have injured and killed.

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