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If I pursue a defective product claim, what should I expect the defendant to argue against my claim?

The defendant, or defendants, you file a claim against will likely argue that the injury was not caused by the defect. They will probably claim the injury was your fault, and you should not recover any compensation for your own negligence. Another form of this argument is to proclaim that, when the injury occurred, you were not using the product in its intended manner or it was not foreseeable to the defendant that you would use the product in such a manner when you suffered your injury. Arguing that you failed to operate the product with due care is called comparative negligence or comparative fault. A successful claim of comparative fault could reduce your claim but if you have a sound case against the defendant(s), you can still recover. In addition, if the comparative fault attributed to you is not germane to the accident or your injury, it may not be applicable. For example, if you were intoxicated while driving a car which had defective brakes. If you were involved in an accident because the brakes malfunctioned, your intoxication may not be considered a cause of the accident and your injuries.
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If I am seriously injured by a product that someone else bought and it’s not within the written warranty period, but I know that it’s fairly new, can I bring a faulty product claim for my injuries?

You are not limited to the written warranty timeframe, but that depends on the nature of your injury. Faulty product liability law requires that all products have certain implied warranties, like that they are fit for the normal and usual purpose. Therefore, even if the product only had a 90 day written warranty, and within the very first year it completely fails for the normal purpose of use, causing serious injury, you should consult a faulty product injury lawyer. Many consumers believe they are strictly limited to a written warranty, but a product cannot be completely faulty, or cannot be negligently designed. This area of the law is fairly complicated and you should consult with a product liability injury lawyer at our law firm for a free evaluation.

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