North Carolina Medical Malpractice: Physician Sexual Misconduct | Sexual Abuse by Doctors | Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

NC personal injury lawyers, sex abuse by doctorsNorth Carolina residents were shocked to learn that University of North Carolina Medical school professor and well-known pediatrician Melvin Levine allegedly sexually abused dozens of his male patients during his years as a physician. As more and more former patients filed lawsuits against the doctor, NC community members expressed their disgust that such actions could take place between a medical professional and the people he is supposed to keep healthy.

However, sexual misconduct by doctors is not as uncommon as many like to think. In fact, several surveys have come to disturbing conclusions: as many as ten percent of doctors have had inappropriate sexual contact with patients while up to 23 percent of patients report having experienced inappropriate sexual experience with their doctors.

What does physician sexual misconduct look like?

•    Your doctor makes inappropriate sexual remarks to you.
•    Your doctor criticizes your sexual orientation or your sexual practices.
•    Your doctor flirts with you or makes uncalled for comments about your body.
•    Your doctor touches you in an inappropriate manner during an examination.
•    Your doctor examines you although it is unnecessary.
•    Your doctor describes his or her sexual preferences, fantasies, or desires with you.
•    Your doctor does not respect your privacy, especially while dressing or undressing.
•    Your doctor does not use gloves during a genital exam.
•    Your doctor asks you detailed questions about your sexual history when unnecessary.
•    Your doctor offers you prescription drugs in exchange for sex or keeping quiet.
•    Your doctor sexually assaults you. 

Sexual misconduct from a physician can be extremely harmful to his or her patients. If you have been abused by a Carolina physician, report your abuse to the authorities and talk to a lawyer about your case today.