Hampton Roads, VA Traffic Accident Statistics & Fatal Crash Facts | Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

The traffic accident rate in Hampton Roads, Virginia (VA), reached its lowest point in 10 years.  Local police recorded 23,142 crashes in the area, which works out to a daily average of just over 630 accidents, or about 23 each minute. Sadly, over the entire year, 121 of the accidents resulted in the deaths of drivers, passengers or pedestrians.

While those numbers are significant, it is a great improvement from when the cities of Hampton Roads saw more than 33,000 wrecks.

Why are there now fewer traffic accidents than ever in the Hampton Roads area? And why are fewer people suffering serious injuries? Traffic safety experts say the following factors cotributed to the drop in crashes:

  • Fewer drivers on the road. High gas prices, a poor economy, more telecommuting and a poor job market mean that there are simply fewer cars on the road and therefore fewer accidents. 
  • Road design improvements. Safer intersections, new rumble strips, and added guardrails mean that the increased safety of the roads helps drivers get to their destinations without an accident. 
  • Advances in motor vehicle technology. New cars have better brakes, better handling, and better headlights, all features that help drivers avoid collisions and drive in poor conditions. At the same time, new safety features, such as airbags and better bumpers, reduce the numbers of serious injuries and fatalities.

While Hampton Roads traffic accidents are dropping, there is still more we can do to cut rates further. Part of winning the battle is understanding who is at fault for the crashes that do happen and making certain that the at-fault party takes responsibility for the wreck. If you have been injured in a Virginia traffic accident and need legal assistance, call our law office today to speak with a VA personal injury attorney.