Large CSX Jury Verdicts Reviewed – Info from a Virginia Railroad Worker Injury Law Firm | Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

Many injured railroad workers (engineers, conductors, car repair, track maintenance and others) for CSX and other railroads are hesitant to take legal action against CSX—they are intimidated or harassed despite situations where the railroad’s negligence caused their injury or disease. They think it will cost them upfront money or that the chances of winning are slim and none (our injury law firm does not request any upfront money, and only charges an attorney free if we recover for a railroad injury or death claim).

Our railroad injury law firm wanted to dispel this notion, which is why we published this article reporting on million dollar verdicts against CSX railroad in the last several years. The contents of the article catalog some large multi-million dollar jury verdicts against CSX railroad across the country.

Though, we must remind all of our readers that these jury verdicts are not indicative of the type of jury verdict or settlement you could obtain since every case is different—past results are not an indicator of your potential cases’ value. However, these case results do illustrate that various CSX railroad workers have obtained multi-million dollar  verdicts against a major railroad like a CSX:

$20.5 Million Awarded to Worker Who Lost Both Legs in CSX Train Accident

Worker’s occupation: Employee for General Mills

Nature of injury: The plaintiff was moving the cars as part of his job with General Mills when a rail car with a faulty brake rolled down a hill and slammed into two other rail cars. All three rail cars rolled over the plaintiff severing his right leg above the knee and his left leg below the knee.

$10 Million Awarded to Victim Who Suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury, Along with Other Serious Injuries in a CSX Train Accident

Worker’s occupation: Railroad Conductor

Nature of injury: The plaintiff was releasing vertical handbrakes on a tank car and attempted to dismount. However, he fell as a result of CSX’s failure to provide a safe dismounting area along the side of the track. As a result of plaintiff’s accident, he sustained a fractured leg, a neck injury, which required surgery at three disc levels, a low back injury, and a traumatic brain injury.

$8.6 Million Awarded to Lung Cancer Victim Who Was Exposed to Radiation, Diesel Fumes, and Other Toxic Substances While Working for CSX

Note: Our firm handled this case. Read a more in-depth analysis here.

Railroad worker’s occupation: Brakeman/switchman

Nature of injury: After being exposed to asbestos, diesel fumes, and radiation during his 40-year career as a brakeman/switchman, our client developed lung cancer. Sadly, the plaintiff lost his battle with cancer before the conclusion of the case. Later, CSX railroad was granted a new trial, vacating the verdict, and the second trial is pending.

$7.5 Million Awarded to CSX Employee Who Died from Asbestos Exposure-Related Mesothelioma Lung Cancer

Railroad worker’s occupation: Yard Engineer

Nature of injury: The plaintiff in this case was exposed to asbestos on industrial boilers, pipes, construction materials and other asbestos-containing products.  Years later, he was diagnosed with malignant pleural mesothelioma and had to have his entire left lung surgically removed. Sadly, the plaintiff died less than a year after the jury issued its verdict.

$4 Million Awarded to CSX Brakeman Who Suffered Severe Burns in Railroad Accident

Railroad worker’s occupation: Brakeman/switchman

Nature of injury: The plaintiff was trying to restart a locomotive when a coolant hose exploded, spewing hot fluid all over him. This caused the plaintiff to fall from the railroad platform to the ground. The result of this terrible accident was burns on over 7 percent of his body. The plaintiff also needed surgery on his shoulder and right knee.

$3.98 Million Awarded to CSX Engineer Who Suffered Multiple Injuries in an Accident

Railroad worker’s occupation: Engineer

Nature of injury: The plaintiff was in a company van when it was hit by a CSX heavy work truck. The plaintiff’s injuries included damage to his knee (which required surgery to repair), elbow (also required surgery), fractures of his shoulder that went undiagnosed and later needed surgery, and a serious injury to his cervical spine requiring steroid injections.

$2.3 Million Awarded to CSX Yard Engineer Who Suffered Post-Concussion Syndrome in Accident

Railroad worker’s occupation: Yard Engineer

Nature of injury: The plaintiff fell from a tank car and suffered from “post-concussion syndrome.” The plaintiff’s fall was caused by the locomotive going into a full service brake application. The brakes were automatically applied as a result of remote control “comm-loss” from the plaintiff’s operator control unit when the battery dropped out.

$2 Million Awarded to CSX Conductor Who Suffered Serious Shoulder Injury

Railroad worker’s occupation: Conductor

Nature of injury: The plaintiff injured his shoulder in 2003 when he was slammed into a train’s windshield. The plaintiff was reaching for a radio at the time of the accident. He stated that CSX created a dangerous work environment by failing to replace the malfunctioning radio.

$2 Million Awarded to CSX Yard Engineer Who Suffered Cumulative Trauma Injury

Railroad worker’s occupation: Yard Engineer

Nature of injury: The plaintiff developed cumulative traumatic injuries to his cervical spine as a result of multiple rough train couplings throughout the course of his 30+ year career. The plaintiff asserted that the increased stress to his cervical spine was due to awkward posture, low back seats and locomotive seats that were improperly secured and braced.

$1.6 Million Awarded to Teenager Killed by CSX Train

Victim: Non-employee Teenager who was Fishing

Wrongful death: a 17-year-old high school football star was hit by a train while fishing from a trestle. The victim and two friends were on the railroad bridge when the train approached, forcing them to run to the end where they could jump off instead of taking a 50-foot plunge into the water below. The victim was hit by the CSX train as he tried to jump to safety.

$1.5 Million Awarded to CSX Locomotive Engineer Who Contracted a Career-Ending Viral Infection While on the Job

Railroad worker’s occupation: Locomotive Engineer

Nature of injury: Plaintiff was diagnosed with a career-ending viral illness, which caused the plaintiff to be unable to perspire. He also developed dizziness and persistent exhaustion. He later developed shortness of breath which required a doctor to install a pacemaker.

$1.3 Million Awarded to CSX Conductor Who Suffered Multiple Injuries After Train Bottomed Out

Railroad worker’s occupation: Brakeman/Conductor

Nature of the Injury:  The conductor was injured when the engine he was operating bottomed out on a track running between Illinois and Indiana. He was thrown off his seat due to a violent swaying side to side for about 10 seconds. Later, the conductor went to close the cab door and his back “tweaked” causing him to lose his grip on the door handle. This caused his ring finger to be caught in the door, cutting off the last digit of his finger. To make matters worse, when he exited the locomotive, he felt a pain in his abdomen which turned out to be a hernia which was surgically repaired. The only bright spot, if you could call it that, was getting his finger reattached.