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Best North Carolina motorcycle lawyersMotorcycle laws are put in place in order to keep everyone on the road safe – but especially to decrease the chances of serious motorcycle accidents and serious motorcycle injuries. Following South Carolina motorcycle laws is not only the legal thing to do, it is the smart and safe thing to do. Are you familiar with the specifics of South Carolina motorcycle laws?

•    Motorcycle riders are not required to wear helmets if they are over the age of 21. However, motorcycle riders in the city of Myrtle Beach are required to wear helmets.
•    Bikers are not allowed to lane split – the practice in which a motorcycle passes cars or other motorcycles using a single lane. This also means that bikers are not allowed to drive on the yellow line between two lanes of traffic.
•    Bikers are also not allowed to share a lane with other motorcycles – they are seen as any other motor vehicle that is entitled to a full traffic lane.
•    In South Carolina, there are no restrictions on handlebar height, passenger age, radar detectors, helmet speakers, sound levels, or mufflers.
•    If a motorcycle is carrying a passenger, the vehicle is required to be equipped with passenger footrests and passenger seat.
•    The daylight use of a headlight is required, as one of the common causes of motorcycle accidents is other drivers not seeing motorcycles approaching or turning.
•    Some form of eye protection is also required for all motorcycle riders. Either goggles or a windscreen is required by law.
•    For dirt bike riders in South Carolina, there are no restrictions. Specifically, dirt bike riders do not face helmet requirements, age requirements, license requirements, title requirements, muffler requirements, headlight requirements, taillight requirements, or rider education requirements