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Traumatic brain injuries change the lives of individuals and families around the country every single day, causing long-term and permanent health issues, memory problems, and both mental and physical limitations. But how widespread is the injury? And how are the victims of TBI affected? How much does TBI rehabilitation cost?

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Here are some surprising statistics about traumatic brain injury (TBI)

  • The Neurological Clinic Journal reported that two million people are affected by a traumatic brain injury each year. About 300,000 of these injuries require hospitalization, with 100,000 incurring lasting disabilities and 60,000 dying from the injury.
  • A head injury can cost a victim up to $4 million during a lifetime of care.  A shocking $48.3 billion is spent as a direct and indirect result of traumatic brain injuries
  • Head injuries affect men more often than women, at a rate of two to one. Head injuries are more likely to occur in the young and old, with rates highest from ages 15 to 24 and after age 60.
  • Rehabilitation for brain injury victims can cost $1,000 per day.
  • Thirty-four percent of deaths from injury are caused by traumatic brain injury.
  • The majority of TBI injuries are caused by car accidents (28%) and almost half of traumatic brain injuries that need medical attention are caused by car crashes (49%). Sports cause another 20 percent while assaults cause another ten percent.
  • Five to ten percent of head injuries are the result of a skiing accident.
  • Brain injuries caused by firearms has risen by 13 percent.
  • The majority of those suffering from TBI will struggle with anxiety and depression. They are also at risk for losing a number of friendships. Here is another site about depress and brain injuries that may be helpful.
  • The cost of NOT surviving a brain injury is also very high. Those dying of traumatic brain injures leave an average of $454,000 in medical bills.
  • Between 15 percent and 80 percent of those incurring brain injuries never return to the work force.
  • Helmet laws can reduce the number of brain injuries for motorcyclists by as much as 40 percent. In cars and trucks, airbags can reduce brain injury fatalities by as much as 14 percent.
  • Brain injury victims can have recoveries that last as long as ten years.