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virginia amputation lawyerA personal injury involving amputation of a leg, arm, or any other part of the body is one of the most profound injuries and  involves massive disability and impairment. Our Virginia/Carolina personal injury lawyers have helped not only the person suffering the amputated or severed finger, thumb, toe or body part, but addressed the psychological and emotional issues that can almost overcome a person suffering from such an amputation injury.

We have had the experience of representing clients having suffered an amputation accident at a place of work, accidents in a railroad yard, and cases that have also involved paralyzing/paralysis injuries as well as quadriplegia or paraplegia, and our Virginia Beach/Norfolk based lawyers handle cases in WV, VA, NC, SC, KY and beyond. 

While our firm handles injury claims against “third parties” responsible under negligence law for causing the paralysis/paraplegic/quadriplegic injury, virtually all state’s workers compensation laws, such as Virginia’s also provide coverage for the paralysis/paralyzing injury, or the severed leg, arm or finger as well.

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The mission of our personal injury lawyers is to gather the evidence and work with the necessary witnesses to maximize the compensation that the law allows someone who suffers from a disabling amputation injury to an leg or arm or other body part.

Traumatic amputation injuries can happen in the workplace, or in factory accidents, such as paralysis/paraplegia caused by a sudden work place fall, which can result from scaffolding or ladders, farm machinery accidents, lawn mower accidents, construction accidents, from tools or power saws. Many traumatic or surgical amputation injuries involve loss of a finger or fingers, toes, hands or feet and may not involve complete loss of an entire limb to an amputation injury.

A prosthetic device can sometimes be fabricated and can appear remarkably similar to the lost finger/thumb for example, and for an article discussing the “History of Amputation Surgery and Prosthetics,” click here.  There are new, recent advancements in amputation/prosthetic surgeries where a doctor can actually take, from one part of the body, bone, and then re-form a partially functioning thumb or toe as but just one example of new amputation replacement surgeries that are developing. The first transplantation of a toe to finger/thumb occurred in 1968, and a number of surgical techniques have developed since then.  No matter what type of surgery is utilized, there will still be huge disability and impairment issues that must be addressed, and our lawyers know how to gather this evidence in a case involving amputation or paralysis, and present it in a way that maximizes the recovery for our client in front of a jury.

Another type of of accident that can cause amputation is a car, truck or motorcycle accident where a head-on crash, or a rollover accident, causes the need for amputation of a severely injured body part such as a leg or an arm or finger, or may involve permanent paralysis/paralyzing injuries.

Our personal injury lawyers know how to develop this evidence, by interviewing the doctors, physical or occupational therapists, the persons involved in fabricating a prosthetic limb, if the device was designed replace the amputated body part, finger or toe, as well as having appropriate medical evaluations conducted to determine the level of disability caused by amputation, a paralyzed arm or leg, all as set forth under the American Medical Association (AMA) Guide to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment, a treatise that is well recognized by doctors, lawyers and by the courts in the United States.