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Charleston Brain Injury Association Conference Talks Concussions

Posted on Apr 30, 2012
West Virginia held its first sports concussion conference last week – a gathering hosted by the Brain Injury Association and attended by the West Virginia Secondary School Activities Commission officials as well as community members, teachers, psychologists, coaches, medical experts, and school administrators.

Perhaps the biggest topic at the event was the lack of a law in West Virginia that prevents student athletes from legally participating in sporting events in the weeks after suffering a concussion. West Virginia is one of only ten states that have not forged legislation regarding student concussion in recent years, and many brain injury safety advocates believe that time is ripe for such a life-saving law.

During the conference, speakers discussed a range of topics, including how to best manage student athletes after a concussion, how brain injuries affect athletes years down the road, and what steps attendees can take to prevent brain injuries across the state in the future.

While much was accomplished the conference organizers were disappointed that more college and universities across West Virginia did not participate.