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Fairfax County Garbage Truck Driver Charged after Virginia Accident

Posted on Jul 22, 2012

Following a two-vehicle Virginia garbage truck accident, the driver of the truck was charged by police with driving a vehicle not under control.

According to local news sources, the truck accident took place in Fairfax County at the intersection of Miller Heights Road and Blue Roan Road on Wednesday, June 13, 2012. The collision occurred when the truck driver attempted to turn left onto Blue Roan Road from Miller Heights, hitting a large SUV. The driver of the truck, 43-year-old Collins Boateng, was allegedly at fault for the crash and cited by Fairfax County Police.

The Miller Heights Road truck accident occurred just before three in the afternoon.

Neither the driver of the truck or the occupants of the SUV were injured in the crash. In addition, the area needed to be closed off when crews moved the vehicles because of a fuel spill.

The Fairfax County truck accident is still under investigation by local police. At this point, it is unclear why the truck driver lost control of the vehicle or how exactly the crash was caused. Garbage truck accidents often take place because the trucks make frequent stops, because they tend to have large blind spots, or because the vehicles are not properly maintained. Other garbage truck accidents are caused by distracted or fatigued drivers.