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Virginia Beach Fire Truck Involved in Oceanfront Car Accident

Posted on Nov 30, 2011
One person was seriously injured in a collision between a car and a fire truck in Virginia Beach earlier this month while six other people were taken to the hospital for minor injuries and evaluations.

According to a report by the Virginian-Pilot, a fire truck carrying three firefighters was responding to a transformer fire near the intersection of 27th Street and Baltic Avenue in Virginia Beach when it collided with a sedan at the intersection of 19th Street and Pacific Avenue near Oceanfront.

The accident, which occurred just after 9:30 pm on Friday evening, November 4, 2011, sent one person to the hospital with life-threatening injuries and three more people to the hospital with minor injuries. While none of the three firefighters were badly hurt, they, too, were taken to the hospital to be checked for injury.

The fire truck accident is under investigation. It is not clear whether the power outage caused by the transformer fire played a role in the crash. It is also not clear exactly how the crash took place, though the emergency vehicle was using its lights and siren.

The Virginia Beach personal injury lawyers at Shapiro & Appleton& Duffan wish everyone involved in the crash to a quick and full recovery.

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