Family Pleased with $2.5 Million Product Defect Jury Verdict | Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

It was two days before Christmas when Frank decided to trim the grass in his back yard in anticipation of the family arriving for Christmas dinner on Christmas Day. Minutes later he was engulfed in burning gasoline from an exploding gas tank on his Ryobi riding lawn mower. Despite the efforts of his wife of 60 years, he sadly died in front of her. The family was stunned and horrified, how could this possibly happen to him, or to anyone out mowing their lawn. Frank’s wife and two family members decided to find out how this could happen but due to the burned remains of the Ryobi mower they knew they would need professional help. During their search an article appeared in the local paper of an inventor announcing a new invention and coincidentally he was also an attorney  It seemed logical that we needed someone who understood how mechanical things work so after discussions the decision was made to hire Attorney/Inventor Richard Shapiro of Virginia Beach, Va. It was a long, bumpy road of discovery but in the end Mr. Shapiro and his co-counsel Mr. Sullivan discovered the reason this tragedy occurred and sent a strong financial message to the manufacturer about how important it is to make safe products and for them to announce to their customers all safety/defect issues. We are very pleased with Mr. Shapiro and recommend him.Steve B.