Norfolk, VA Car Accident Client Testimonial | Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

My elementary school age daughter was in a bad car accident, in the back seat of our friend’s car. The oncoming car collided with their car and my daughter suffered various injuries including facial lacerations and stitches. Once I picked Rick Shapiro as my Norfolk personal injury attorney, he told me that we should have a plastic surgery evaluation for my daughter. 

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The surgeon outlined that there would be some permanent aspects but that she would need to be a teenager before any doctor could consider any surgery. The report helped prove to the insurance company the permanent part of her injury.

Rick arranged for the court hearing in Norfolk, VA for the settlement we approved. We all appeared in Court where the judge approved the settlement. Rick recommended that we place the settlement in a  safe annuity so that the money would grow until my daughter turns 18.

I recommend Rick and his team to anyone needing a competent and responsible injury lawyer.


Jurisdiction of this case: Norfolk, Virginia (VA)