Pedestrian/Police Officer Civil Wrongful Death Case Result - Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

THE RESULTS: $2 Million Confidential Wrongful Death Settlement

COURT: Virginia Circuit Court

DATE: 2023


ATTORNEYS: Eric Washburn, Rick Shapiro

STAFF: Heather, Paula – Paralegals



An armed services member with multiple tours of duty in foreign countries received his honorable discharge and retired. He was married with adult children and then took a private industry job. One night, after a business dinner, he was attempting to cross a multiple-lane highway to get an Uber and return to his hotel room since he was out of town for the business dinner.

The night was rainy, and visibility was poor, and at the exact moment he was crossing the highway, a police officer was exceeding the speed limit in the left lane of the road, though not on an emergency call. He struck the pedestrian, who was later pronounced dead at the scene by the rescue squad, leaving behind his wife and two children.

Because of complicated legal issues, the case could not be settled before litigation. During litigation, numerous subpoenas and Freedom of Information Act requests were made to the relevant law enforcement agencies, as well as to other relevant parties. After more than a year of litigation involving subpoenas, depositions, and other forms of discovery, the parties attempted to mediate the case with a retired circuit judge in Virginia. Unfortunately, although mediation brought the parties closer together, it did not result in a settlement. Ultimately, the parties worked together and arrived at a mutually agreeable settlement within 60 days of the date of the jury trial.


$2 million settlement in favor of the estate during 2023 (further details withheld due to confidentiality agreement).