14 People Injured after Holiday Horse & Wagon Hit by Mustang in West Virginia | Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

The driver of a Ford Mustang wasn’t paying attention and wound up slamming into the rear end of a horse & wagon that was carrying 20 people in Stanley, West Virginia (WV). In total, 14 people suffered injuries including a the wagon operator who suffered internal injuries and a female passenger who needed to be airlifted to a hospital after suffering a compound fracture in her leg, according to the AP. Another injury cited was broken ribs.  

horse, wagon, Mustang, car, accident, injury, lawyer, texting, drivingI’m glad to hear the 23-year-old driver of the Mustang is being charged with reckless driving. It’s irresponsible to drive around inattentively, especially in an area known for horse & wagon rides.  The owners and operators of the horse & wagon have been working in the West Virginia area for over 20 years. The driver should have been prepared to encounter this type of transport.

Distracted driving is a major problem nowadays. It wouldn’t surprise me if the driver of the Mustang was talking on his cell phone or texting while driving. These are two of the most common forms of distracted driving. In fact, our team of lawyers wrote a special, in-depth report about texting behind the wheel, talking on your cell phone, and other forms of distracted driving since it’s such a prevalent issue