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In an example of what not to do while operating an 18-wheeler, a truck driver tried to cross the tracks at N. Main Street and Railroad Drive, near Duke’s Barbecue, as a train was passing, according to Live5 News. Consequently, the 18-wheeler was pummeled by the train and the driver was seriously injured. Hopefully, they’ll be able to make a full a recovery.

Trucking accidents and train accidents are terrible individually, but when these two major-duty machines collide in a single accident, the damage can be severe. The truck driver is lucky to be alive.

In 2008, there were over 120,000 truck accidents with over 4,000 of those accidents leading to a fatality. To make matters worse, it’s been reported that thousands of trucks violate basic federal safety standards and fail to have serviceable brakes, trained drivers, and/or quality tires.

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As an injury lawyer who works for a firm that represents people seriously hurt in truck accidents,
something needs to be done to correct these violations. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration needs to send a clear message that safety is a top priority. The truck drivers who handle their vehicles irresponsibly and the trucking companies who send out these vehicles with defective equipment are unacceptable. This type of behavior puts all of our lives at risk.

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