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2 Injured at Fairfax, VA Gas Station by Out-of-Control Truck

A panel truck that ran off the road during afternoon rush hour in Northern Virginia injured two people at a gas station near the intersection of Braddock Road and Ox Road in Fairfax, Virginia (VA). The accident occurred on July 24, 2014, and the driver of the out-of-control truck also sustained serious injuries.



Officials speculated that the truck driver experienced a medical emergency. Several vehicles were damaged, but the other people who got hurt were a customer out of her car and an employee of the gas station. No immediate details regarding whether chargers would be filed against the at-fault driver were released.

Bad health and unexpected events like heart attacks, blackouts or strokes cause many accidents that result in injuries and deaths. Most commercial truckers are required to pass regular physical exams to ensure they do not put other drivers and pedestrians at unnecessary risk. Having a chronic health problem does not automatically disqualify a person from operating a delivery truck or tractor-trailer, but maintaining a commercial driver's license does require taking measures to control symptoms and prevent attacks.

Many of the accident victims helped by my Virginia personal injury law firm suffered their injuries because another person got behind the wheel while unwell or while not taking care of their own health. While experiencing a medical emergency explains the reason a person causes a wreck, it does not excuse anyone from being held accountable for the damage and harm they cause.


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