Car accidents cause horrific bodily injuries, but not every injury is readily apparent right after the mishap. This is especially true of traumatic brain injuries and related injuries to the nervous system. Below are some of the common symptoms that car accident victims may experience a few days afterwards:

  • Headaches: If you have been in an accident and are experiencing unusual headaches a few days after the crash, you should be evaluated by a medical professional immediately. Many traumatic brain injuries from car accidents do not become clear immediately. Headaches after a serious car accident can be a sign of a serious problem, such as blood clots, serious concussion and brain bruising, and possibly a hemorrhage.

  • Numbness: If you experience any loss of feeling in your extremities, you could have a neck or head injury. Loss of feeling in the limbs usually is caused by some type of damage to the neck, head and/or spinal column.
  • Personality changes or changes in physical abilities and senses: This very often indicates that a traumatic brain injury has occurred. Some of the signs include difficulty concentrating, poor memory, problems with hearing and vision, and serious changes in personality.

Our traumatic brain injury law firm understands the devastating consequences of serious head injuries in car accidents. For example, we once represented a gas station employee who suffered a brain injury when a train derailed and smashed into his place of employment. His brain damage was serious and really affected his life. Our law firm, together with co-counsel, obtained a $46 million verdict, with interest, totaling $60 million before the case was settled confidentially while on appeal.

If you or someone you love has experienced a traumatic brain injury in a car accident, we have written a useful, in depth guide about brain injury law in Virginia. This guide will help you to navigate this complex area of law.