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Accident on Fairfax County Parkway Results in Heartbreaking Loss of Child

A wrong-way driver was barreling down Fairfax County Parkway when his vehicle slammed into a Toyota Avalon carrying a passenger who was pregnant. The driver and passenger of the Avalon suffered injuries, but that was only the beginning of the tragedy. The injured pregnant passenger, likely as a result of the collision, went into labor prematurely. Unfortunately, the baby that was born did not survive. 

Our deepest sympathies go out to the mother. There are no words that can heal the pain and trauma associated with a loss of this nature. No parent ever wants to outlive their child, but losing your child during a premature birth is even more heartbreaking. The mother never really got the chance to even enjoy a brief moment of happiness with her baby. It is truly a devastating loss. 

The at-fault driver that was traveling the wrong-way on Fairfax County Parkway in Manassas, Virginia (VA) also passed away at the scene of the wreck. To be honest, I have a hard time feeling much sympathy.

Police are investigating this awful accident and are trying to determine whether alcohol played a role in the wreck, according to the WUSA 9. In many instances, when a driver was traveling the wrong-way down a heavily traveled parkway, it's not a simple mistake. The wrong-way driver is routinely intoxicated or heavily medicated on another substance.  


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