Advice on What NOT to Say After an Airplane Accident | Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

Most people know that if you get into a car accident, never say, “It was my fault” at the scene of the accident. Why? Because you don’t want to admit liability when you may actually not be liable. The proper procedure is to take exchange insurance information and wait until a thorough investigation is conducted.

What about an airplane accident? The same policy applies. Take, for example, the airplane accident which took place at the Fairmount Municipal Airport in Fairmount West Virginia (WV). The pilot said, “I just didn’t recognize the hill at the departure end. It was my fault, and an airport design fault.”

Admitting liability prior to an investigation doesn’t make sense. As an injury lawyer, and a licensed pilot, who regularly represents individuals seriously hurt in aviation accidents, I know what should and shouldn’t be said after an accident.

It turns out the airplane accident mentioned above was caused by the plane – a BEECH A36 – carrying too much weight. The pilot mentioned an airport design flaw, but if you preface that statement by saying, “It was my fault,” you pretty much negate responsibility being placed on the airport.

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So remember, if you’re involved in an accident, whether it be in an airplane, car, truck, etc. refrain from taking the blame before a proper investigation can be completed.

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