Another DC Metro Crash, Three Employees Injured | Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

A Washington DC Metro train slammed into a parked Metro train while heading towards the West Falls Church station. As a result, three employees were injured.

It’s only been six months since the worst accident in DC Metro history which resulted in nine fatalities and over 60 serious injuries. In addition, it’s only been about four months since a Metro maintenance worker was killed while working on track between the Dunn Loring and Vienna stations.

What’s wrong with DC Metro? How many accidents need to occur before DC Metro officials actually enact legitimate changes to the system? Three accidents in six months are completely unacceptable.

Just think – what if passengers were on the Metro train which hit the parked train? The ramifications could have been tragic.

An investigation of the June DC Metro wreck revealed circuit malfunctions in their signal system. It appears a similar malfunction occurred in the most recent accident, but we have to wait and see what the accident report reveals to make an official determination.

What is unquestionable is the need for dramatic change and improvements to the DC Metro rail system. These types of accidents cannot continue. Every day, people put their lives in the hands of Metro operators and the system itself. That trust needs to be taken seriously. Right now, it isn’t.