Are Uninsured Drivers Causing Higher Rates of Injuries and Deaths On Interstate Highways Than the Insured? | Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

My colleague, Richard N. Shapiro, posted an analysis on Virginia Beach Injuryboard blog of how uninsured drivers/motorists, when in car accidents, are statistically the the at fault party in well more than 50% of the car crashes examined.  This was based on an analysis of car crashes reported in Ohio, but is not surprising as many of the uninsured drivers are drunk, distracted or unable to get insurance.   Although the poor may have more trouble getting insurance, its also the well off but drunk drivers, the suspended driver license flunky and the bad drivers that cannot get insurance-irrespective of economic position.  Who pays for the uninsured drivers causing injruies and deaths?  Read the article for the answers:

Uninsured Drivers On The Highways: Cause of Higher Rates of Injuries & Deaths?

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