A Focus on Truck Accident Education | Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

According to the US Department of Transportation, 136,438 large truck accidents reported in 2006 – that’s 374 truck accidents each day. Not only are there large number of truck accidents on our highways and interstates, but truck accidents are much more likely to cause serious injury and death because of how much trucks weigh and how hard they are to break and maneuver.

Although the general idea of a truck accident is similar to that of a car accident, when it comes to your personal injury truck accident case, the two entities are very different. Truck drivers are employees and their cab and cargo is often consider to be miniature, rolling business. The rules and regulations for truck drivers are different than those of regular drivers, and the insurance situation for a trucker, his cab, and his trailer is very complicated.

We’ve taken the month of August to help educate our readers on truck safety in our Library section. In three separate articles, we’ve put together information about how commercial truck accidents differ from regular car accidents and how those accidents can be prevented. We’ve also put together an article on understanding and proving truck driver fatigue, which causes 13 percent of large truck crashes.

Read our new Library Items on large truck and tractor trailer accidents: