Bad Nursing Home Care in North Carolina | Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

Horrible bedsores, which can cause permanent injury or even death, are a shockingly common problem injury lawyers see in North Carolina (NC) nursing home cases.  My law partner Randy Appleton tells the story of a couple in the Elizabeth City area whose home he visited to document the tragic results of nursing home abuse and neglect where basic medical procedures are not followed to prevent this frequent injury to the elderly in the healthcare system.  When you look at pictures of severe, advanced bedsores, it breaks your heart.  This is even truer when the person suffering needlessly is your father, mother, aunt or uncle.  When you realize that adequate staffing and training of the nursing home staff can prevent so many of these injuries, it makes you mad.  When you realize that the corporations who run these nursing homes and assisted living facilities often risk the patient’s health in order to make more money, it can make you furious.  Contacting a good personal injury lawyer to find out what you can do about the failure to prevent or treat bedsores is the right thing to do both for your family, but also to try to identify those facilities which have a record of such mistreatment and force them to provide proper care in the future.