Beaufort County Dump Truck Crash Kills Two | Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

A fatal crash in Beaufort County involving a dump truck and a car has left two people dead and people in the Aurora, North Carolina (N.C.) community wondering what exactly happened.  The victims of this tragic wreck included the driver, 77-year-old Daniel Williams and 61 year old passenger, Jeannie Moore.

According to NC State Troopers, the collision occurred just before 10 A.M leaving what spectators would call a mangled mass of metal after the crash. As reported, the car pulled out from Bonnerton Rd just west of Aurora failing to yield to traffic coming down Highway 33. Almost immediately, the dump truck careened into the car killing both of the Blount Creek residents in one fatal moment.

WITN News reported that it’s possible the sun may have impaired the car driver’s vision. It is not entirely clear what caused Williams to pull out onto Highway 33 at that point in time, but Troopers are investigating further to determine what may have happened. The road was closed for several hours as emergency crews cleared the accident scene. Beaufort County has had 13 fatal accidents this year with almost half coming from Highway 33.

Dump trucks are normally built for some amount of off-road or construction site driving; as the driver is protected by the chassis and height of the driver’s seat, bumpers are either placed high or omitted for added ground clearance. The disadvantage is that in a collision with a standard car, the entire motor section or luggage compartment goes under the truck. Thus, passengers in the car could be more severely injured than would be common in a collision with another car

Our hearts go out to Mr. Williams and Ms Moore and to the loved ones they left behind. They will be sorely missed in their community as they were loved and respected by many. As evident by the damage of their car and the after effects of this tragic wreck may give us hope that their deaths were quick and painless.