Bite Sends North Carolina Child to the Hospital after Dog Tried to Steal Candy | Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

A Winston-Salem North Carolina (NC) child was taken to the hospital after being bitten by a dog.

According to the Winston-Salem Police Sheriff the girl was eating a candy sucker at the time of the accident. The dog attempted to take the sucker from the child’s mouth. The child was then forced to the ground where the dog bit her face.

She was taken to Lexington Memorial hospital and treated for her immediate injuries as a result of the dog bite. The girl was then transferred to Brenner’s Children’s Hospital in Winston-Salem, North Carolina (NC) where she is recovering. The incident is still under investigation by the Winston-Salem Police Department.

Dog and other animal bites can occur in even the most docile and domesticated house pets. Tragically, a majority of dog attacks in the United States involve children. The Human Society has compiled a website on how to avoid being attacked by dogs as well as how to teach your children how to behave around dogs and reduce their risk. To cut down on your own risk remember these simple rules. First, do not approach unfamiliar dogs. If you and the dog do not know each other keep a safe distance. Second, always let a dog see and smell you before attempting to pet them. This makes the dog familiar with you and less likely to feel threatened. Finally, do not disturb a dog that is eating, caring for its young, or sleeping. Dogs may become easily threatened if bothered.

Once you understand how to reduce your own risk of a dog bite teach your children the same skills. Children are curious by nature and may reach out to an unfamiliar dog without realizing that the dog is threatened. While you do not want your children unnecessarily afraid of all animals, it is better to be safe then sorry. The Humane Society provides several tips on commingling children and pets.


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