What Happened

A motorcyclist was killed instantly after a collision with a semi truck.

According to authorities the victim had just pulled out of his drive way at 4915 Natmore Road and into the path of the semi truck. The victim was pronounced dead at the scene.

The tractor trailer driver was not injured and police do not believe alcohol contributed to the accident.

The North Carolina Personal Injury Lawyers’ Perspective

Accidents involving big rigs are almost always serious, especially when a motorcyclist is involved. The sheer size difference between the two vehicles is exceptional and causes an all too familiar problem of the rigs driver not seeing the motorcyclist. In this case the ability for a wrongful death claim is dependent on if the big rig driver can be found to have acted negligently. It will be beneficial for the family of the deceased to attain legal representation quickly to allow our attorneys to promptly survey and inspect the accident scene. Accident investigators can use the same forensic formula the police use measuring skid marks to the point of impact to determine the speed the truck was traveling when the collision occurred. Our truck accident lawyers are the best in Virginia (VA) and obtained millions of dollars in settlements for our clients. Our thoughts and prayers are with the family of the motorcyclist.

Helpful Info:

In Virginia (VA) in 2006 we represented a family who suffered a wrongful death at the hands of a tractor trailer. Our client was on his way into work on a rural highway when the tractor trailer approached his vehicle from behind. The driver of the 18 wheeler decided to change lanes but misjudged the space between his truck and our client’s car. The rig clipped the rear of the car causing it to flip and killing our client. Through a few key legal strategies and the use of a mediator were able to settle the case in favor of our client prior to trial. 

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