A man was killed and at least five other family members were hurt as their minivan pulled in front of a tractor-trailer in Duplin County, North Carolina, the state Highway Patrol reported. The Virginia family was coming back from a jaunt to Carolina Beach when the tractor trailer crash happened.

The minivan was traveling along West Trade Road in the little township of Calypso and was attempting to traverse U.S. Highway 117 as it was hit by an 18-wheel tractor-trailer truck, said Highway Patrol Sgt, Will Thurston. The minivan was carrying 4 adults and 3 kids. A man was killed and a woman in critical condition was flown by chopper to WakeMed hospital. Four additional injured victims were driven by ambulance to local hospitals. A volunteer fireman working on the crash stated to WRAL News that the mini-van carried three generations of family members.

The intersection where the crash took place bears a blinking light and has been the setting of many accidents, according to the Highway Patrol Officer. The NC DOT has added rumble strips and a stop sign in order to improve upon the safety of the area in question. It certainly raises suspicion as to whether the area in question has been adequately evaluated for proper safety for motorists.

Although there are many causes of traffic wrecks and motor vehicle collisions involving tractor-trailers, hazards due to road construction and unsafe design comprise a small percentage of total injuries and deaths. Even though this is the case the danger should not be under-emphasized.

Here is a list of common causes of road hazards that have been proven to cause injury or death:

  • ·         Construction Zones
  • ·         Defective Signing
  • ·         Sub-Standard Roadway
  • ·         Defective Bridges
  • ·         Shoulder Edge Drop-Off
  • ·         Narrow Shoulders