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SUV Drives Around Railroad Gate, Hits Light Rail Train in Charlotte, NC

On July 3, 2012, a man took an SUV for a test drive in Charlotte, North Carolina (NC), and came upon a set of light rail tracks with the gates down on Hebron Street near South Boulevard.. Rather than waiting for the train to come through, he went around the barrier and hit the train.

The conductor had slammed on the brakes but could not stop in time to avoid the collision. No one in the SUV got hurt, but four passengers suffered injuries when the train braked suddenly.

The North Carolina Injury Lawyers' Perspective

It seems that people will never learn that it is never safe to go around lowered gates at railroad crossings. We hope that none of the victims on the train were seriously injured. It would be in their best interest to contact a North Carolina personal injury attorney just in case they end up with long-term issues as a result of the accident.

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