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Centreville, VA Pedestrian Killed by Hit-and-Run Driver

An 85-year-old woman lost her life after getting struck by a car on Stone Road in Centreville, Virginia (VA), on the evening of February 19, 2015. The driver fled the scene, and the victim died despite being transported to a nearby hospital for treatment of her injuries.



Police believe the Fairfax County woman lost her footing near the intersection of Stone Road and Stone Crossing Court. Snow and ice from two winter storms earlier in the week may have caused her to fall, and the darkness may have prevented the driver from seeing the woman in time to stop or change lanes in time to avoid hitting her. Also, because the area does not have pavement marked with crosswalks, the person behind the wheel of the car may not have been expecting to see anyone on foot in the roadway.

Despite all those possibilities and explanations, nothing can excuse the driver's callous and irresponsible decision to leave the woman hurt and facing death. State law requires anyone involved in a traffic or pedestrian accident to stay on the scene and, if possible, render aid to injured individuals. Beyond that, people who cause wrecks have a moral obligation to check on the damage they inflicted and take responsibility for their potentially negligent or reckless actions.

Because neither police nor insurance companies know who to hold to account for this deadly pedestrian crash, the family of the deceased woman may suffer both emotion and financial hardships. Identifying the at-fault driver is imperative. Anyone who witnessed the hit-and-run collision or has information about the driver should contact police at (571) 238-0634 or (866) 411-TIPS (8477).


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