Cape Henry Collegiate School in Virginia Beach, Virginia (VA) received an unexpected visitor on Saturday, Sept. 5 when an airplane suddenly landed on their baseball field. The plane was a single-engine Cessna operated by a single individual.

As the Cessna landed on the field, the plane flipped over, but the operator escaped without injuries and, fortunately, no one else was hurt. Witnesses noted the plane made a “silent” landing.

“It really didn’t have a sound. It just came out of nowhere” said witness Anthony Checchio, according to

Planes are capable of descending without sound if there is a complete failure with mechanical and electrical components. That may be what happened in this particular landing. We still have to wait and see what investigators discover.

As a licensed pilot, I am very glad to hear the pilot was able to get the plane on the ground without suffering an injury. One of the biggest fears for a recreational pilot is having a breakdown while up in the air and trying to figure out a way to land safely.