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Charlotte Car-Truck Crash Leads to Five Injuries

Traffic on Interstate 85 (I-85) in Charlotte, North Carolina (NC) was running smoothly until a tire fell off a tractor-trailer. From that point, havoc ensued. As a result of the loose tire on I-85, the drivers of a Hyundai and Pacifica slammed on their brakes. This caused a tractor trailer to slam into the back of these two cars. Two tractor trailers then rear ended each other. They pushed the first tractor trailer into the concrete median wall which pinned in a Ford Explorer and a Chevy Malibu, according to wbtv.com.

In total, three tractor trailer trucks and eight sedans were involved in this NC wreck. As a result, five people suffered injuries.

Police plan to file charges against the driver of the truck whose tire fell from the vehicle. Truck drivers must understand that even the slightest error can have serious ramifications.

But the cause of this major I-85 crash illustrates the importance for any driver who decides to haul an item on their truck, minivan, SUV, or compact car to be cautious and vigilant. If an item, like a trailer or tire, becomes loose on the middle of a busy highway, the consequences can be devastating. 


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