Charlotte, North Carolina Man Suffers Near Fatal Electric Shock at Work | Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

A Charlotte, North Carolina (NC) man is in Presbyterian Main hospital recovering from electric shock injuries he received while on the job.

Nelson Pozo, a 51 year old employee of AEP Industries in Stallings, North Carolina (NC) was working Saturday night when he was struck by 460 volts of electricity. When the Stallings Police Department arrived Nelson Pozo had no pulse.

The Stallings Police Department immediately shocked Pozo with AED pads and started CPR. Officer Walden stated, “I honestly believe CPR alone probably wouldn’t have brought him back.”

Nelson Pozo was very lucky. The Stallings Police Department had only recently begun carrying the AED equipment that saved his life in every patrol car. The equipment cost $1,500 per car and was paid for by fundraising and community donations.

An AEP Industries spokesperson told reporters that Pozo had been moved out of intensive care and in to a private room at Presbyterian Main hospital earlier this week. The company is currently undergoing an investigation into what caused the shock that almost claimed the Charlotte, North Carolina (NC) man’s life.

Work related injuries can be life threatening. They can also take a toll on your life while you wait to heal taking time off of work. If you have been a victim of a work related injury a personal injury attorney can help you ease the stress of returning to your normal life.


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