Charlotte Pedestrian Struck and Killed by Car | Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

Charlotte police had to close one of its busiest roads in the southeastern section of the city due to a fatal hit and run accident scene. Charlotte investigators with the police department reported that Jessie Crouch, the victim, was killed at Monroe Road and McAlpine Station Drive around 10 p.m. Authorities had to section off the site to prevent traffic from corrupting the evidence. 

Eyewitnesses say a metallic gray Mitsubishi hit Crouch as he was in the process of crossing Monroe Road from the Circle K Convenience store. It appears he was headed towards the Charleston Place Apartments.

According to Police, Crouch was thrown approximately fifty feet causing fatal injuries.  Investigators are searching for the driver of the metallic gray Mitsubishi. The car has been described as a four door sedan and should have damage to the front bumper, hood, windshield and missing the driver’s door side mirror.

Pedestrians can increase their safety in the road environment by making themselves more visible and using safe routes and road crossings where possible. Drivers can help make the road environment safer for pedestrians by scanning for pedestrians at crossings and intersections, and being aware of the potential presence of pedestrian affected by alcohol around entertainment venues and at festive seasons. Drivers should adapt their speed in locations where there is a high amount of pedestrian activity.