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Chesapeake, VA, Personal Injury Lawyer Reports: Contractors Exposed to Asbestos at Nuclear Plant in Surry

A dozen or more contractors working at the nuclear power plant in Surry, Virginia (VA), were exposed to asbestos while removing pipes, the state's Department of Labor and Industry has found. Fibers from insulation on poorly marked pipes escaped into the air and settled on workers' clothes, the agency found.

In a report on the incident and subsequent investigation, the Daily Press reported that "
Hopewell-based Quality Specialties Inc., in charge of handling asbestos, was fined $4,900 for not properly labeling the pipes"

This video describes the dangers posed by asbestos fibers:


As experienced Virginia, VA, attorneys who deal with many industrial accidents, my colleagues and I have helped many families whose lives have been devastated by a loved one's exposure to asbestos, particularly on the railroads. Many of our clients have suffered with mesothelioma, a rare and deadly form of cancer of the lung lining caused almost exclusively by asbestos.

As a result, our firm has obtained many internal documents that make it clear that railroads used asbestos for decades without providing adequate safety measures for rail workers. Between 2002 and 2004 our firm represented two railroad workers who died of mesothelioma in wrongful death actions against railroads. Their disease was linked to exposure to asbestos, and we obtained confidential settlements for the survivors.


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