What Happened

On Tuesday, April 16, a Chesterfield man was killed by the driver of a 2004 Honda CRV when it hit him head-on near New Kent County on Interstate 64 . The accident took place around 10:30 a.m. when the victim, who was driving a 1996 Ford Ranger, was traveling westbound in the correct lane and the at-fault driver was driving on the wrong side of the interstate. The at-fault driver was also a resident of Chesterfield. The victim died at the scene and was subsequently transported to a medical examiner in Richmond. The accident was reported by The Virginia Gazette.  Here is a map of the approximate location of the accident:
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The accident caused the westbound lanes of 64 to be closed until 3 a.m. Wednesday morning. Details of the crash are still being investigated, but it appears that the victim, a 47-year old man who had four children and seven grandchildren, was prematurely ripped away from his family because of a senseless accident.

The Virginia Injury Lawyer’s Perspective:

The loss of this Chesterfield resident is tragic, as sudden and unexpected loss always is. Many questions remain about the causes of this terrible wreck – what caused the at-fault driver to drive the wrong way on a major interstate? What put him on a collision course with the victim, who was wearing his seat belt and traveling innocently in the westbound lane of I-64, unaware of the danger heading his way at 10:30 a.m.?

If the police investigation finds that alcohol was involved, or if the at-fault driver was guilty of any kind of recklessness or negligence behind the wheel, the family of the victim may want to consider filing a wrongful death suit against the deceased, at-fault driver’s insurance company. Potentially Helpful Info: Losing a loved one in an accident is one of the worst things a family can experience. If you have a family member who was senselessly struck down by an at-fault driver, you have legal rights you need to know about. The personal injury lawyers at our firm have prepared an article for families going through this terrible trauma. You can view this article, which describes the process of researching your options in a wrongful death situations, here.   Our attorneys have worked with many grieving families to help them find answers to their difficult questions and we have represented many families in wrongful death cases. To learn more about the damages allowed in a Virginia Wrongful Death case, read this guide our attorneys have provided. Additionally, you can read about some of our past wrongful death cases hereHave Questions? Check Out Our Firm’s FAQs: Our personal injury lawyers have developed a robust list of answers to frequently asked questions on our website, hsinjurylaw.com. If you want to read specific questions and answers about wrongful death cases, visit the wrongful death FAQ page. ED