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Drunk Teen Driver Going the Wrong Way Causes Two Deaths in Chesterfield, VA

Posted on May 23, 2011

In March 2011, a drunk teen driver, age 17, went the wrong way in a SU, on the Powhite Parkway in Chesterfield, VA, and slammed into a BMW, instantly killing the two people inside the car, according to

The car wreck happened around 2:30 am on a Saturday in the southbound lanes of the Powhite near the Reams Road overpass in Virginia. The teen was charged with two counts of aggravated involuntary manslaughter, a felony, and transported to the Chesterfield County Juvenile Detention Center.

The vehicle collision almost tore off the roof from the BMW. The two men, ages 29 and 32, traveling the correct way, were best friends returning from a night out in downtown Richmond, VA. One man was a nurse set to begin anesthesiology school in the fall, and looking forward to celebrating his daughter's birthday the week after. The other man was an engineer, in the area on a business trip.

The teen driver was taken to VCU Medical Center with leg injuries. The news reported his blood tests showed alcohol in his system, and he was released from the hospital with a DUI summons.  Speed was also a factor in the car wreck.

The families of the accident victims were in shock, tearing when they talked about their loved ones. One family screamed: "He left way too early." The families or friends of the men might have to file a wrongful death case with the assistance of Virginia personal injury lawyers against the responsible parties in order to get justice for their pain. 

This Virginia car crash illustrated the serious injuries and death that occur when someone drinks and drives, and how someone might need to engage VA personal injury attorneys to help in recovering from a car wreck.

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