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Chicago Youth Killed at Railroad Crossing

What Happened

 An 8-year-old boy died after being struck by a train at a rail crossing in East Chicago, Illinois (IL). According to East Chicago police, a few children were waiting for the eastbound train to pass when one child was hit by a westbound train on another track. The boy was proclaimed dead from blunt force trauma.

The railroad crossing accident occurred at Magoun and Lewis Place in East Chicago. Detective Rivera said that the signs at the crossing were working correctly, but the children were standing too close. The Times state that this is not the first accident on these railroad tracks. There have been at least two other people killed while on or near the railroad tracks in Lake County.

From the Personal Injury Lawyers’ Perspective

As experienced Railroad Accident Attorneys have represented many pedestrians, motorists, and crew members involved in railroad accidents. We have successfully investigated wrongful deaths at rail crossings. Pedestrians struck by trains are always almost fatal even if the conductor sees the pedestrian because of the amount of time trains take to stop. Since this is not the first accident in this area the city may want to look into new technology to warn and keep pedestrians at a safe distance while the trains pass at railroad crossings.

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