Chinese Drywall Company Based in Norfolk Shuts Down | Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

Venture Supply, the drywall company based in Norfolk, Virginia (VA) closed down recently due to multiple lawsuits brought against them in connection to the sale of hazardous Chinese drywall. During the housing boom, Venture Supply imported the toxic drywall to keep up with demand, according to The Virginian-Pilot.

The prevalence of Chinese drywall is not relegated to Norfolk, Virginia (VA). The U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission received over 500 complaints from individuals in 19 states and in D.C. regarding the Chinese drywall, according to

Homeowners report the drywall material fills the home with a rotten-egg odor and cause metals, including wiring, electrical outlets, and air conditioning units to corrode.

The physical complications include sinus and respiratory problems while an individual is in the home. As a result, numerous families were forced to leave their homes and the buildings in question were gutted and the drywall completely replaced to end the problems.

Our firm has written about the Chinese drywall situation and have been extremely concerned about the potential health effects on individuals who’ve lived with this hazardous material in their homes. Clearly, this is a far-reaching issue and the legal ramifications are just beginning.

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