Claim Agents May Have Work Cut Out for Them Denying Liability in Union County, NC Train Accident

Two CSX train crew members lost their lives and two other train crew workers were injured when two trains collided in the Mineral Springs area of Union County, North Carolina (NC). One of the victims died at the scene of the NC train wreck and another died at Carolinas Medical Center in Charlotte, NC, from the injuries he sustained in the train crash.

Here is video footage from this terrible train crash:

NewsChannel 36
spoke with a CSX employee and was told that CSX is sending crews from their corporate headquarters in Jacksonville, Florida (FL), to Mineral Springs, NC. This is not surprising. When a serious train wreck occurs, the railroad company is sure to send out a fleet of claim agents to assess the damage and figure out ways to deny or reduce liability.

The exact details of what caused the North Carolina train accident have not been established, but we do know that a train was hit from behind by the other train, according to

It's unfortunate to know that while this tragedy is unfolding and lives have been changed forever, the CSX claim agents are probably devising ways to place the blame on somebody else so they don't have to pay a large sum of damages to the injured rail workers or the families who lost a loved one. The focus needs to be on the victims and their loved ones who have had their lives rocked by this awful accident.

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