College Football Player Gets $8 Million From Paving Company That Caused Accident | Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

According to the Associated Press, a former Newberry College football star received $8 million in damages from a pavement company following a South Carolina car wreck that cost the athlete his career and his mobility.

In June of 2007, the now 21-year-old Brian Moore of Rideway, South Carolina was on his way to mentor high school students in weightlifting when his car slid on a newly-resurfaced stretch of road. The paving company, Boggs Pavement in Monroe, North Carolina, had left the road in disarray and dangerous – the road was slick and covered in mud. The South Carolina car accident left the football player with a severed spine – he can no longer walk, let alone play the sport he loves. Not only that, but he now requires the help of daily caregivers in order to live.

“It is God’s plan for me,” said Moore, who had a chance to go on to the NFL, but who now looks forward to a career as a motivational speaker or minister. “My target is going to be teens, but I pray that God will be able to use me to change the lives of anybody through Him. I just want to be a living testimony, and I want my life to scream, ‘Jesus lives.”‘

The car accident lawsuit settlement was filed in state civil court in the Fairfield County courthouse. The details of the $8 million personal injury settlement have not been finalized. The majority of the damages will be spent on the ongoing medical care that Moore will require for the rest of his life, including caregivers, doctor’s appointments, medical supplies, specialized vehicles, and physical therapy.