Crowded Virginia Highways Mean More Car Accidents | Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

The heavy traffic on the roads in Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Hampton and Newport News, Virginia (VA) are at least in part the result of the ports bringing in lots of big rig trucks, moving containers, and tourists coming to local attractions like our beaches and Colonial Williamsburg.  As a personal injury lawyer from the area, I know that a significant percentage of the serious injuries which will occur in our community involve either tractor-trailers or out of state drivers who are vacationing here.  The truck and car collisions are not always the truck driver’s fault. Sometimes it is the car’s driver that is not paying enough attention and failing to realize the difficulty that a tractor-trailer has maneuvering on crowded interstate highways like on Interstate 64 (I-64).

       Likewise, the tourists who may be lost or driving a bit slow on the highway may not be the one who negligently causes a wreck with injuries.  It can be the impatient commuter who is driving from Virginia Beach into downtown Norfolk on Interstate 264 (I-264) who is the at-fault driver. Regardless of the cause, everyone needs to realize that our roads are at or beyond capacity and there is no fix from the state government in Richmond, Virginia anytime soon.  So we all need to drive defensively and recognize that we have to share the road not only with our neighbors, but also with the 18 wheelers who move the cargo to and from our thriving ports and the family from Pennsylvania who is coming to see the sites in our great part of the world in southeast Virginia.